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Applications Engineer

Join Our Top-Notch Airflow Team


This position involves design and redesign of new and existing air moving equipment utilized in the HVAC industry, agriculture, appliance, energy and power generation, health care, transportation, food service, manufacturing, and marine industries. The individual must have working knowledge of moving and rotating machinery as well as good fundamentals in machine design, such as sound, vibrations, and equipment natural frequencies.

The position requires working with customer specifications. The individual must be able to interpret and apply different customer specifications to the design and selection of fans and blowers. Working knowledge of fluid flow is essential. Familiarity with different chemicals and metal alloys is a plus. A strong verbal and written communication is required. The position requires someone who can multi-task, very methodical, and can work independently with very little supervision. Organization and accuracy are a must. Perform drafting, testing, and building of models for a complete product and advise in manufacturing and cost estimating.

Essential Functions

  • Under general direction, help design and develop product from specifications and related components indicating ideas for new or modified products
  • Help prepare drawings and specifications utilizing SolidWorks or Auto CAD
  • Help generate final engineering reports to present to customers
  • Advise and assist in Manufacturing and Industrial Engineering activities including cost estimation, production, and quality problems
  • Help gather and document customer product requirements and technical requirements from discussions with customers and Revcor Sales
  • Help generate quality standards for Revcor Quality Assurance team and make recommendations to improve our Quality Assurance and Inspection methods and procedures
  • Help sales through project-centric responsibility that aligns Sales and Engineering teams to win new customer opportunities for Revcor
  • Develop good understanding of Revcor product line

Additional Responsibilities

  • Occasional travel to customer plants and customer field installations to troubleshoot problems, act as an adviser, and make recommendations on new design or help improve existing designs
  • Learn to run Modal & FEA analysis
  • Learn fan airflow, sound, and vibration testing


  • B.S. Engineering degree in the Mechanical, Aeronatical Engineering, or related field
  • 2+ years of design experience
  • Experience with SolidWorks and Simulation (FEA)
  • Good communication, engineering problem solving, and customer/supplier relationship skills

Personal Characteristics

  • Able to get along well with diverse personalities
  • Good communications skills, both written and verbal
  • Computer knowledgeable with MS Office suite and ACAD
  • Goal oriented, high energy level, self-motivated
  • Organized: Maintain priorities, follow through, and timeliness
  • Flexible; adaptive to change

Organizational Responsibilities

  • Accountable to the Engineering Manager for all phases of job activity
  • Work closely with Manufacturing, Sales, and Quality teams

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