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Lab Technician

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This position involves assembly of fans and fan components for airflow testing, sound testing, and/or structural testing. The products are axial, tangential, and centrifugal fans used in the HVAC industry, agriculture, appliance industry, energy and power generation industry, health care, transportation, food service, manufacturing, and marine industries.

The individual must be a hands-on type of person with good mechanical aptitude, including understanding working with moving and rotating machinery and basic fundamentals in machines. Knowledge of working with sheet metal such as shearing, bending, profile cutting, punching, and piercing operations, improvising or altering components or assemblies, or making complete units from raw materials are required. Building customer samples is part of their responsibility using 2D drawings. The position requires working with Application Engineers.

Essential Functions

  • Build/assemble fans and/or systems including balancing and tracking as specified on drawings
  • Mount units on testing chamber
  • Perform testing as required
  • Record test raw data such as noise level, vibration level, pressure, amperage, Watts, RPM, torque, etc.
  • Perform equipment calibration as required
  • Enter data into computer and develop performance curves, sound rating, and vibration signature
  • Operate fork trucks to move equipment around Work with manufacturing in building prototypes
  • Build samples for the sales team
  • ISO Auditor
  • Lab equipment calibration


  • Associate's Degree in an Engineering¬†or related field
  • 2+ years of lab testing or related field
  • Good communications skills, both written and verbal
  • Computer knowledgeable with Microsoft Office and ACAD software
  • Flexible; adaptive to change

Organizational Responsibilities

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