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Our Mission, Strategy, and Quality Policy

Sustained Excellence Through Planning & Execution


Our mission is to make it easy for our customers to achieve competitive advantages by delivering revolutionary airflow (RAF) solutions, products and services — THE “RAF” Way.

Strategy — Deliver Revolutionary Airflow

Revcor’s revolutionary airflow services deliver turnkey solutions from requirements definition to baseline testing, feasibility analysis, part design, tooling and Lean Manufacturing. Our strength is in meeting customer requirements by optimizing all key air-moving components as a complete system. We engineer the air-moving system, including the blower wheel and housing or the fan blade and venturi, along with the motor specifications to offer the best-cost solutions for our customer’s airflow-dependent systems.

Our Quality Policy

Revcor designs and manufactures Revolutionary Airflow solutions that make it easy for our customers to achieve competitive advantages.

The Revcor team is committed to continually improving our performance to meet customer expectations by providing:

  • Customized Airflow Solutions
  • Service, Quality, & Delivery Reliability
  • Design through "Useful Life" Value