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John H. Reichwein

President and Chief Executive Officer

Innovation requires out of the box thinking.  I challenge the Revcor organization to think "Outside the Box" every day to increase customer value by developing better products, processes, and services.”

John H. Reichwein

John takes a hands-on approach as CEO, regularly challenging the status quo to discover and implement continuous improvement initiatives. Starting in 1979 with his pioneering implementation of an MRP system, ongoing pursuit of Strategy Management processes, and the recent integration of Quick Response Manufacturing principles, John has championed Revcor’s growth as a world-class manufacturer and trusted partner for our valued customers.

Appointed President in 1984 by his father and Revcor’s founder, John H. Reichwein, Sr., John was charged with leading the company through the second generation. He later assumed the CEO role in 1999.

John earned a Bachelor’s Degree in Business from Northern Illinois University in 1976. Though he jokes about having earned a “Doctorate Degree in Common Sense”, John leads by example developing innovative ways that increase Revcor’s effectiveness and efficiency.