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Z. Patrick Chinoda

Vice President of Engineering

"As Vice President of Engineering, my primary drive is to provide leadership to the engineering team -- developing future leaders who are adept at creating and executing world class work structures that support Revcor's goal to deliver innovative engineering services that surpass our customers' expectations."

Z. Patrick Chinoda

Patrick Chinoda joined Revcor in early 2015. His career working with fans and blowers spans twenty-five years at companies such as Hartzell Fans, Lau Industries, and Ceilcote Air Pollution Control. His broad experiences encompass the design, testing, and certification of axial and centrifugal fans. He has traveled worldwide installing, troubleshooting, and commissioning fans and systems. Patrick has over fifteen years of engineering leadership working as R&D Lab Manager, Engineering Manager, and then Director of Engineering.

Patrick has also taught mechanical engineering courses at several universities and colleges. He holds a BSME from Tennessee Technological University and an MSME from Tennessee State University with emphasis in fluids and heat transfer. He has also completed several leadership certifications including one at the University of Dayton Center for Business Leadership. Patrick is a member of ASHRAE, AHRI, American Society of Materials (ASM), and the American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM).

He is also active in Air Movement and Control Association, International (AMCA), American National Standards Institute (ANSI) as well as International Organization for Standardization (ISO). He has helped author and revise many AMCA standards publications and bulletins as well as the ASHRAE Fans Handbook. He is a past chair of ASHRAE Technical Committee 5.1, Fans.