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Superior Ventilation for Poultry, Hog, and Dairy Production

Industry-Leading Fans for Agriculture

Revcor’s advanced airflow solutions help you raise healthier livestock. We are the industry leader in poultry and hog barn ventilation and temperature regulation, with impellers of varying materials designed to deliver maximum CFM/watt ratings for diameters ranging up to 75 inches. We are dedicated to helping you attain your performance goals by providing the most efficient and reliable fans for your specific agricultural application. You can bet the farm on Revcor high-quality products!

Poultry House Ventilation

Domestic fowl do not fare well in extreme weather. Excess heat, humidity and cold cause stress in poultry that negatively affects egg and meat production. In some cases, extreme conditions result in lowered immunity to disease, causing illness-induced losses.

So, how do you not only protect but also optimize your poultry operation? Excellent ventilation is key. Revcor’s superior impellers move and refresh stagnant air, helping to maintain a productive environment. Let us help you select the product that maximizes the air-moving capacity, air flow ratio and energy efficiency for your needs.

Hog Facility Ventilation

Keeping pigs comfortable and happy leads to increased pork production. Because these animals are sensitive to extreme temperatures and moisture levels, carefully controlling their environment is vital to keeping them in peak health.

Revcor designs and manufactures a ventilation system for your unique needs — one that helps you maintain a safe environment for your animals while conserving energy at the same time. We recommend products that best control your hog barn’s temperature, humidity, air speed and overall air quality — so you get the most meat for your money.

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