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Clear the Air

Revcor Offers a Breath of Fresh Air

Fresh air is one commodity that is usually taken for granted until the second you are deprived of it. Whether it is a foul odor you smell or your inability to breath, your attention immediately focuses on the lack of fresh air you are experiencing.

Ventilation applications that deliver fresh air are relatively more dependent on the efficient flow of air than heating or cooling equipment. Furnaces are impacted by the efficiency of the heat exchanger, while A/C applications are impacted by the compressor.

As a premier ventilation fan manufacturer, Revcor has a skilled team with extensive experience in a wide range of ventilation equipment. Based on your requirements, Revcor engineers routinely increase the CFM/watt of your existing ventilation systems. We know how to specify the ideal motor, with an optimally designed fan blade, perfectly positioned in the most efficient orifice that gives you a competitive advantage.

Check out our Service offerings to determine the best path for your needs. Whether Sample or Project, we have the expertise to to deliver an easy, fast solution for your commercial refrigeration application.

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