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Axial Fans

Products for a Range of Applications

4-14" Axial Fan Impellers

Multiple designs and configurations for smaller diameter, lower pressure applications such as commercial refrigeration. 

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15-36" Axial Fan Impellers

Innovative impeller designs to satisfy the entire residential and commercial cooling market.

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37-75" Axial Fan Impellers

Larger diameter impellers for ventilation and cooling applications, typically in dusty, corrosive, or more demanding environments.

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An Extensive Selection of Axial Fans

Regardless of your industry or particular project, Revcor provides a high-quality product that meets your budget and schedule. As a leading residential and commercial axial fan manufacturer, we offer a wide variety of designs — from ready-made to custom solutions. In addition to our comprehensive catalog of axial fan designs, we can provide engineering expertise and in-house testing to ensure that you always get the best product for your unique application.

  • One-piece propellers are ideal for lower-stress applications
  • Riveted propellers are popularly used in medium-stress situations.