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Axial Fan Impeller and Blower Wheel Replacement

Revcor axial impellers are the preferred choice by many prominent Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs). More than 90 percent of the residential condensing units manufactured in the U.S. today contain a Revcor axial fan blade.

OEMs typically spend 6 to 12 months qualifying a fan blade and/or blower wheel for their units/applications, which is why it’s best to use OEM-qualified air moving components for any repair. Unfortunately, the OEM-qualified fan blade or blower wheel is not always easy to source, which is frustrating when you need to fix your HVAC system as soon as humanly possible.

Aftermarket Partners

We make it easy to obtain the fan blade or blower wheel (squirrel cage) you need from axial fan and blower residential and commercial fan suppliers:

1) Identify the part number from the label on the fan blade or wheel. If the label is not legible or no longer exists, then proceed to the next step.

2) Identify the following characteristics:

  • For Fan Blades
    • Fan diameter
    • Fan blade width
    • Number of fan blades
    • Fan blade pitch
    • Fan rotation (clockwise or counterclockwise)
    • Fan bore size (shaft diameter)
    • Fan material (plastic, aluminum or galvanized steel)
    • Fan material thickness
    • Motor (maximum RPM and maximum HP)
  • For Blower Wheels
    • Wheel construction (tablock or strip)
    • Wheel diameter
    • Wheel width
    • Single or double inlet
    • Wheel rotation
    • Wheel bore size (shaft diameter)
    • Wheel hub position
    • Wheel material (plastic, aluminum or galvanized steel)
    • Wheel blade count
    • Maximum RPM

3) Contact your preferred distributor who will help you identify your requirements and refer you to a local wholesaler who has your product in stock.

4) If your aftermarket partners are unable to assist you and you cannot source the exact part you’re replacing, contact Revcor Customer Service at 800-323-8261 x 311. We are happy to help you identify the like part that was qualified by the OEM.