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Accurate, Repeatable Test Results

Thorough Fan Performance Testing

We offer advanced testing services to improve product design and provide the best outcome for our customers. In addition to sound and airflow testing, Revcor conducts Finite Element Analysis (FEA) and structural analysis testing, as well as rapid prototyping to optimize manufacturing performance.

Airflow Measurement

Revcor has four air chambers that are regularly calibrated to Air Movement and Control Association (AMCA) standards, assuring accurate and repeatable test results. We installed our proprietary computerized data acquisition system on all our air chambers. Our sample and testing projects depend on the accurate collection of airflow performance data, and our system assures the not only accuracy of our data, but that the data is presented to the engineer and customer in an easily understood and user-friendly manner.

Sound Intensity Measurement

Noise reduction is the primary focus of many new product development projects. Revcor utilizes sound intensity measurement to fully analyze the noise spectrum of metal or plastic air impellers. These sound power evaluations enable us to achieve our customer’s noise reduction requirements.