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Accurate, Repeatable Test Results

Full Performance Testing

Revcor makes full use of its test lab on a daily basis. Whether it’s a customer project requiring air, sound, and structural testing, or an R&D effort needing start/stop and salt spray testing, our lab provides huge value to our customers. Everything we do, from design to application engineering is measured, analyzed, and revised for improvement, and it’s all made possible through our on-site robust testing center.

Airflow Measurement

Revcor has five air chambers of varying capacities that are regularly calibrated to AMCA standards, providing accurate and repeatable test results. Our sample and testing projects nearly always require airflow measurement, whether to prove we've hit the target CFM/Watt or as comparison to the incumbent. And our air chambers, data acquisition system, lab request tracker, and much more assures that data is organized, timely, and customer-friendly.

Sound Intensity Measurement

Noise reduction is the primary focus of many new product development projects. Revcor utilizes sound intensity measurement to fully analyze the noise spectrum of metal or plastic air impellers. These sound power evaluations enable us to achieve our customer’s noise reduction requirements.

Structural Qualification

Revcor’s Structural Qualification is a superior endurance testing method that provides greater assurance that the axial fan impeller or centrifugal blower wheel will operate reliably for the life of your product. Rather than run the impeller/wheel continuously for an amount of time or cyclying it through hundreds of thousands of start/stops, our Structural Qualification directly measures the stress levels at the points of highest concentration and across a range of relevant operating speeds.