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Airflow Testing

Built and Maintained to AMCA Standards

Accurate and Repeatable Results

Revcor’s air performance testing is conducted in accordance with Air Movement and Control Association (AMCA) Standard 210 Laboratory Methods of Testing Fans for Aerodynamic Performance Rating. Standard 210 governs the testing, the measurement chamber and the reporting of the results.

Revcor can test fans of almost any size, airflow rate, static pressure and horsepower. We have four air chambers dedicated to testing; they accommodate airflow rates up to 40,000 CFM and are regularly calibrated to AMCA standards to ensure accurate, repeatable test results. We collect data from 10 points evenly spaced along the fan curve, and measure airflow, pressure, power and efficiency.

Pressure transducers and rotary torque sensors measure airflow, and every measurement is redundantly verified by additional equipment. At Revcor, our proprietary Computerized Data Acquisition system has been installed on all our air chambers, and this facilitates the most accurate collection of airflow performance data possible.

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